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It's People Like You What Causes Unrest

Hello World
This is my blog. If you can't read it, it's because it's friend-locked. Why? Because self-censoring got dull after a while. To keep in touch, sign up for a free Dreamwidth account, comment here to request access, then bookmark your reading page (it will be at and follow my thrilling adventures daily.

Alternatively, if you prefer Livejournal, what you're reading right now is the mirror of my Dreamwidth blog, although you can't comment because of the unwanted but unblockable LJ-to-Facebook linkage functionality which encouraged me to switch off comments so that no foolish reader could accidentally cross-post. As it happens, with the change to all-locked posts I will be relaxing that policy, but not immediately. Sign up for LJ here and comment as above and I'll add you, then you can follow me on your LJ Friends Page.


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